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PVE experience

PVE experience for players from level 300 to 359 has been increased. At level 360 it will go back to normal.



DarkSwords has been running for 13 years today, so let's celebrate!

Until Tuesday, we will have a Birthday Lotto (see prizes here)! We will have bonuses! Prices in Zenny Shop will be reduced!

The land of Khortitsa will be open to players, the teleport is available from Arkijah Alchemist.
Khortitsa has 2x gold bonus and 1.5x experience bonus, so let's get grinding! While you are enjoying the extra gold and experience, there is also a chance of a surprise from the any of the mobs here!
You may receive some religion experience, Meteorite, or Perfect Chaotic Substance. Perfect Chaotic substance gives one of: Reward, Accuracy, Empathy, Damage x2, Level exp x2, Vaccination 30 min, Gold bonus x2, Flower Chest 2h, Religion exp x2, Sphere on Select, Great Goddess Generosity or Encouragement.
Khortitsa is a religion war zone, NOT chaos, so can be enjoyed by PVP and PVE players alike.

Twice a day at random times, all players who are online will get gifts!

We will have new quests for 2 new pets:
- Falcon which gives 20% chance of Open Wounds and will save your life in PVP and PVE.
- Lizard which gives 15% chance of Knockdown and also will save your life in PVP and PVE.
Quest starts with Pet Manager Richard, in Menagerie Pet Guild, square 12029. For one part of the quest you need to make Hay from 100 of each herb: Thistle, Ginseng, Garlic, Mandrake, Nightshade. The scroll can be found in Arkijah Scribe. All other info can be found in quest.

AND we have added new Zenny pet - the Sphinx.
The Sphinx has bonuses of both Fearless Kirin and Wild Fenrir (doubles PVP damage and increases PVE experience), as well as +33% religion bonus, will save you in PVP and PVE, and have a chance to stun or breakshield of your opponent.
The normal price for the Sphinx will be 1600 Zenny, but if you buy before Tuesday you pay only 1200 Zenny! (only for bought zenny)

Everyone who buys 110 Zenny during this time will have a chance to win a Sphinx!

Enjoy the celebrations everyone, Happy Hunting!

Not as exciting, but still very handy, you will no longer need keys as you move around the world of DarkSwords. All areas (except Clan Lands) are freely accessible from now on.


Ally siege change

Now to win the ally siege, you need to kill 4 towers during all ally siege time, not only in 10 minutes


Divine Empathy potion

Due to multiple player requests, Empathy potion will return to Dark Swords! It will be available after server reboot on 3-10-19, from Anubis shop, Quest shop and Golden Potion Shop.


Changes and fixes:

1. Now dexterity and strength give more hp;
2. Mage mental was fixed, now how much mage have mental school will affect the mental hit chance;



Till 1st of October, we have reduced prices in zenny shop by 20%



1. Elf backstab is increased by 5%;
2. Orcs and elves have +10% hp, mages have +10% mp;
3. Orcs sword bonus is working only on the dwarf, axe bonus is decreased by 5%;
4. Magic damage is increased by 10%.



1. Defending cults - anti mental hit, anti critical mental hit, anti sudden hit and anti crit with 15 levels are decreased to 75%;
2. Suppression on racial is decreased;
3. The cooldown on mob dispell is changed from 4 seconds to 2;
4. Mages mp is increased by 5%;
5. Elves cold, fire and lightening resists are decreased by 10%; 6. The work of mass tranquilizer is changed, it can tranq not only a party but also the selected target;
7. Fixed work of criminal status in the chaos zone, during mass magic your clan and ally members, won't get criminal status.



1. Everyone has a chance to increase stats of your gears for 10%! All you need to do get a meteorite from one of this unique - Dr. Kronys, Centaur Ness, Aries, Ice Queen, Missionary or Robinson. And buy a special scroll in zenny shop, using scroll and meteor you will get Extra Bonus pot, which you can use on your arts in the laboratory. To see a bonus, you need to relog after using the potion. On one item this bonus can be used only once.
2. The mental of the mages was increased by 5%. 3. Orcs bonus on damage gets only if they wear 2 axes or 2 swords, 1 axe and 1 sword don't give any damage bonus.


Changes and fixs:

1. In the platinum shop you can find Level bonus pot x3;
2. In Sparta region gold bonus was reduces from x3 to x2;
3. The damage from bleeding and burning is decreased;
4. Orc's chance to hit (CHTH) is increased and elves armor (AC) was decreased;
5. The damage from axe is increased from 25% to 30%;
6. The drop rate on pet runes was increased.

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Ticket System

25% 25% 26% 24%

DividE et ImperiA
Elements of Darkness
Flatness Waveform

Seastone Town
11:43 10/15
Grandads Battlefield
05:37 10/15
Robinson Isle
11:43 10/15

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