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In your travels across the world you can find all kind of herbs on the ground, which can be used in brewing of elixirs. Necessary recipes can be obtained at the Ruby Scribe Shop in the Ruby Mine of Boundary Realm. Brewed potions provides your character with the variety of positive effects. Extracts of regular spells: Tigers strength, Wisdom of the owl, Feline grace, Steel body, Bears blood, Mirror shield, Aura of renewal, Frenzy, Astral carnival, and Colossal endurance will not be used if the character already has a similar effect active and has more than 13 minutes of this effect.

You have a chance (25% per step) to find these herbs in the region if you are regularly hunting and gaining experience for killing monsters in this area (experience points gained must be comparable with your combat level value). As you find more herbs, you will be improving your "herbalism" skill. More detailed information about that skill can be found in Character: Profession.

Natural gathering is available in the regions marked with a sign It is possible to collect herbs in this location in the List of regions

In addition to the natural herb gathering there is one more way of getting those important ingredients for the alchemy. This method is for those who do not wait for gifts from Mother nature - growing any kind of plant can be done on your own. More about this in the Articles: Agriculture.

Available plant types:

Wild plants. There is a 99% chance to find these herbs.
Cultivated plants. There is a 1% chance to find these herbs.

Potion recipes from wild herbs:
click on the picture to see the recipe

Ready elixirs from wild herbs:
More details about their effects in the Character: Effects section.

Potion recipes from cultured herbs:
click on the picture to see the recipe

Ready elixirs from cultural herbs:
More details about their effects in the Articles : Genetics section.

Ticket System

25% 25% 26% 24%

DividE et ImperiA
Elements of Darkness
Flatness Waveform

Seastone Town
11:43 10/15
Grandads Battlefield
05:37 10/15
Robinson Isle
11:43 10/15

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