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Online RPG, Fantasy Game, Free MMORPG DarkSwords : Wanted Dead.

    Participate in the Wanted Dead Quest! It starts twice a day and continues for 3 hours. During this time a name of the monster and its location will be announced to all players. All players are able to participate in this quest by being the first to find and kill the target. After killing a marked monster the player automatically receives a reward: 4 personal Choose Grass or Choose Exotic Herb and Elixir of Divine Reward 5m [Soulbound] or Elixir of Unexcelled Accuracy 10m [Soulbound].

    With a chance of 5% instead of the bag with herbs, player might receive unique elixir: Sacrifice to Ares and 5 minutes reward pot. Hunters soup will increase chance by 15% to get the main prize!

    Quest Schedule

    Day of Week Quest Times (server time GMT +3)
    Sunday 00:00 and 13:00
    Monday 06:00 and 18:00
    Tuesday 07:00 and 17:00
    Wednesday 04:00 and 23:00
    Thursday 07:00 and 13:00
    Friday 06:00 and 18:00
    Saturday 01:00 and 12:00

Ticket System

25% 25% 26% 24%

DividE et ImperiA
Elements of Darkness
Flatness Waveform

Seastone Town
11:43 10/15
Grandads Battlefield
05:37 10/15
Robinson Isle
11:43 10/15

Online RPG, Fantasy game, Free MMORPG - DarkSwords


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